Complete 24/7 Service

Whether your well needs a simple cleaning to improve performance, or emergency repairs following a breakdown;   Lotowater offers complete servicing 24 hours a day to meet all remediation needs.

Our projects start with a review of your well history to give us a good foundation to work on. If your pump needs servicing we have a fully equipped shop and experienced technicians. While performing pump repairs, we can inspect and test the well to identify any issues. Our state-of-the-art geophysical logging equipment will identify any problems, or potential concerns.

We offer a wide range of rehabilitation programs, which are specially designed for each new project. We can repair almost all well problems, including casing failure and corrosion of essential parts.

Our work is not done after rehabilitation or repair, we run extensive tests to ensure that our efforts have been successful and compare the results with initial testing.

We work closely with customers at every stage of the process, and keep you updated with detailed reports. We typically use a twofold approach to the management of fieldwork. Field quality control protocols help ensure that the work is completed correctly and on time. A system of checks keeps management up to date on projects and allows for any omissions to be identified and corrected without jeopardizing either the integrity of the program or the schedule.

At Lotowater we are committed to providing quality, cost-effective service while continuing to develop innovative and practical solutions. We aim to maintain our reputation as technical leaders in the water supply well assessment and remediation industry.