Englehart Wells 2 & 3

Town of Englehart
Kelly Church, Works Superintendent Town of Englehart Phone: 705-544-2288
Well Rehabilitation and Lineshaft Pump Replacement

This project was won though an invited bid process and comprised rehabilitating Englehart Wells 2 & 3 and replacing the existing Layne lineshaft pumps with new Floway lineshaft units.  The work was completed in a single mobilization with a break partway through the job to allow Lotowater staff to return home for time off between efforts.  This project involved well rehabilitation, new pump installation, and well and pump performance testing.    

The process followed by Lotowater during the work performed for the Town of Englehart is as follows:

  • Perform step tests of each well to document current well and pump conditions 
  • Remove existing oil lube pumps and bail all residual oil from the wells
  • Perform video inspection of the wells
  • Install an inflatable packer to isolate and protect the well casing 
  • Surge and airlift using compressed air
  • Apply and surge an acid based cleaning solution
  • Airlift the solution from the well after 12 hours, dispose in sanitary sewer as required
  • Perform a post rehabilitation video inspection of the well
  • Install new water lube line shaft pump in each well

As with all Lotowater projects, detailed reports were prepared for each of Well 2 & 3 including analysis of rehabilitation results, comparison of performance data to historical data, as-constructed drawings and detailed installation reports with all important pump installation details were included.  All reports were submitted in PDF and hard copy format.  

The project was completed on budget and within the time frame and schedule outlined by the client.  The client was extremely satisfied with Lotowater and our performance on this project.