Equipment Overview

Lotowater Technical Services Inc. has built a substantial equipment inventory over its 20 years of operation.
We hold all the tools and equipment necessary for well inspection, performance testing, repair, and rehabilitation.


Lotowater controls a complete truck fleet, including eight service trucks and three crane equipped units. This provides us the flexibility required to tackle multiple projects simultaneously and the ability to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Video Equipment

Our Video equipment consists of the Laval R-2000 dual camera, mini winch with video cable, video control box with joystick and adaptor, TV monitor and digital recorder.
The Laval R-2000 DUAL CAM provides a comprehensive, detailed survey of water wells, boreholes, underground storage tanks and mineshafts measuring 3-30 inches in diameter, to depths of 5,000 feet. In addition to the standard downhole view, it offers a side-view perspective with continuous 360° rotation, with no external moving parts.

Geophysical Logging Equipment

Lotowater employs Mount Sopris instruments for all of our geophysical logging.  The equipment is a state of the art fully digital system that is relatively compact and easily portable.  The primary system consists of a power winch with 800 m of single conductor armoured cable, MGXII digital logging console, caliper probe, gamma probe, polyelectric probe, impeller flow meter probe and full-wave sonic probe.  The probes may be used in combination to act as multi-parameter probes.  

Pumps & Motors

We maintain an extensive inventory of pumps and motors for our clients’ temporary use in emergency situations and for the completion of performance tests, video logging, and discrete zone sampling.

Other Equipment

Lotowater carries a full inventory of well servicing equipment. For a more comprehensive description of Lotowater equipment follow the link below.