Inspection of Multiple Small Municipal Systems

Township of Severn
Clayton Cameron, CRSS - Director of Public Works Township of Severn Phone: 705-325-2315, ext 230
Video Inspection, Well Performance Testing & Rehabilitation

The Township of Severn operates over multiple small municipal water systems serviced by one or more wells.  The well systems are between 15 and 40 years old with many lacking basic well construction and equipping details.  The Township is in a process of conducting individual detailed well inspections and performance testing to document basic performance details and well construction information.  

Well & Pump Equipment Performance Testing

Lotowater performed basic well and pump performance tests of 7 wells in the fall of 2006.  This included performing step drawdown tests, pump performance tests, motor current & insulation test, sand tests and turbidity testing.  After testing each pump was removed and all equipment was and carefully inspected.  Make & model numbers, serial numbers, dimensions, and general condition were carefully documented.  After each inspection all equipment was disinfected, reinstalled, purged to waste and then retested to confirm satisfactory operation.

Video Inspections

While the pump was removed from the well a detailed video inspection was performed to document the wells condition.  Lotowater’s Laval R2000 camera provided high quality well videos.  

Preparation of Detailed Well Reports

Stand alone reports were prepared for each site for the Townships records.  This included as constructed drawings, well performance test records, DVD copy of the well video and a brief narrative of the testing process including recommendations.    Well performance details were compared with as constructed well records and identified wells that showed reduced performance and signs of plugging.  These wells were noted in the reports and scheduled for rehabilitation for the following year.  Pump performance was compared to manufacturer’s specifications.  Several pumps were replaced at the time of the inspection due to poor performance.   Lotowater’s efforts greatly exceeded the Townships expectations as this testing has given the Township a detailed record of each well and equipment with recommendations for maintenance based on observed data.