Listowel Well 6 Lineshaft Pump Service

Municipality of North Perth
Mark Hackett, Chief Operator Municipality of North Perth Phone: 519-291-1080
Lineshaft Pump Evaluation and Service

This project was won though an invited bid process and comprised the testing and service of the Municipality of North Perth’s Well 6 60hp 6 stage Layne lineshaft pump. Work on this project comprised a well performance test, a video inspection, pump and motor servicing, removal of the existing gear drive and reconfiguring the motor for continued use.  

Pumping equipment was transported to Lotowater’s shop for cleaning, disassembly and inspection of all column pipe, couplings and shafting.  A brief pump inspection report was prepared documenting the condition of all equipment including measurements of all critical wear points with respect to manufacturer’s tolerances including recommendations for repairs.  All wearing parts exceeding manufactures tolerances and or with excessive wear were either replaced or machined to meet original factory specifications.  The pump unit was carefully balanced, assembled and tested by our technicians at our shop in Paris, Ontario. 

Results of the well performance test were compared to historic data and, combined with the conditions observed during the video inspection, allowed Lotowater to conclude that production remained high enough to meet current demand and that no rehabilitation efforts were required at this time.  The lineshaft pump was reinstalled in the well once all repair work was completed.

A detailed report was prepared for Township of North Perth files that included a comparison of performance data to historical data, an as-constructed drawing and a detailed installation report with all important pump installation details.  The report was submitted in both PDF and hard copy format.  

Lotowater’s skilled technical staff observed column pipe conditions that, if not repaired or replaced, would have led to a failure of the pumping system years ahead of the next normally required service.  This saved the municipality the added expense of requiring emergency repairs to the system.