Monitoring Well Upgrades

County of Brant
Wayne Carmichael, Operations Manager County of Brant Phone: 519-449-2451
Well Inventory/Compliance Inspection and Repair

The County of Brant has over 180 monitoring wells and production wells in its system.  These wells were installed over a period of 50 years by various contractors and consultants for a variety of purposes.  Prior to this project there was no single source which inventoried all the wells.  In addition many of the wells were not in compliance with current MOE well regulations.  The purpose of this project was to locate and inventory all wells, identify all wells that were not in compliance, make recommendations for repair and finally upgrade/repair all wells to meet or exceed MOE well regulations.  

Well Inventory

Lotowater was responsible for locating all well records and reports on over 180 wells in the Brantford water system.  This included an exhaustive search of all available records including the MOE well data base.  All wells were then physically located in the field and inspected by a certified well technician for compliance with respect to MOE well regulations.  After all wells were inventoried a comprehensive well report was prepared that included compliance inspection forms, digital photos, maps and recommendations for repair/modification.

Recommendations for Repair/Modification

The second phase of the program included detailed recommendations and cost estimates for well repairs.  Information was used to prepare a tender for repairs.    

Repair and Modifications 

Lotowater was the successful bidder in the County of Brant tender for the repair and modification of over 180 wells.  This included installing new steel well monuments, designing a new County of Brant well ID tag, modifying well casings, and abandoning unused wells.  This project also required a video inspection of four wells to confirm well casing condition.  In addition annular seals were installed on two production wells.   Finally all well information was summarized in a final report and was provided in a paper copy as well as a single bookmarked PDF file.