Well Liner Installations

Casing holes, leaks, cascading water and structural failure do not have to result in well decommissioning.

Corrosion of casings and screens is the most common well issue. Corrosion can result in poor water quality, changes in pressure, and eventual well failure. We can repair virtually any well problem and are usually able to completely restore even the most neglected of wells.

By saving the well, we have saved our clients the expense of drilling a new well and the frustrations involved. In most cases we have improved the security of the well from contamination by providing a grouted seal. There is no EA or new pump house required, no application for a permit to take water, and no waiting time.

Casing and screen repair is generally followed by well head upgrading. This is required in most cases because of frequent updates to the Ministry of Environment’s well regulations.

We will make any necessary repairs, not only to optimize well performance, but also to ensure that everything is up to code.