Well Pump Rebuild and Repair Services

Pump servicing is generally required every 5 to 10 years, depending on pump use and environmental factors. Lotowater services all types of well pumps; from submersibles to vintage line shaft turbine pumps.

We take great care in repairing pumps, starting in the office rather than the pump house. We run a complete review of historical well records in order to:

  • Determine basic construction details
  • Determine baseline performance of well & pump for comparison
  • Understand recurring issues

Only when we have an understanding of the pump and well history do we initiate any servicing. Pump inspection and cleaning are done at our fully equipped Paris, Ontario shop. This allows our experienced pump maintenance staff to work on the pump while other servicing or rehabilitation can be conducted on the well. This is a great opportunity to perform a diagnostic well video and ensure that the repaired pump will not be installed into a damaged well.

Before any pump restoration activities are undertaken our staff will provide you with written recommendations for repair. We include an upfront cost estimate and invite you to come to our shop to discuss servicing options. Once authorization to proceed is received, Lotowater works expeditiously to restore all parts to working condition. Repairs can often be made within 48 hours, even when pump machining is required. Pumps are installed immediately upon repair completion.

The process is not complete until everything is tested to confirm satisfactory operation and an installation report is created for your records. With over 20 years of experience you can trust Lotowater to get the job done right.