Paisley Road Well Rehabilitation, Liner Installation and Pump Service

The City of Guelph
Karl Cober, P.Eng., Water Works Project Manager City of Guelph Phone: 519-837-5627
Well Rehabilitation and Pump Service

This project was performed under contract with the City of Guelph, and included well testing, rehabilitation, pump inspection and service, installation of a well liner, and the fabrication of a new well head.  

This well had a history of precipitated iron and iron oxidizing bacterial build up which resulted in a significant decline in well performance.  The well had been rehabilitated several times with acid over the years to remove heavy build up and improve performance. However, the growth was becoming more aggressive as water levels were declining, causing an increase in the amount of aerated water entering the well.  Due to the rapid re-growth, the benefits of rehabilitation alone were limited.  

Lotowater provided a long term solution to the rapid plugging at this well by installing a stainless steel well liner which was designed to prevent the introduction of cascading water into the well.  Lotowater first rehabilitated the well using chemical and mechanical methods to restore well performance. Prior to the liner installation, Lotowater conducted necessary testing to determine the contribution of flow from the major producing zones to ensure that production would not be reduced to unacceptable levels.  The well responded effectively to the rehabilitation and it is Lotowater’s expectation that the liner installation will result in less severe declines in well performance than have been experienced in the past.    

The pump was completely disassembled and inspected, and the tolerances on wearing components were measured and compared with the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances.  Based on the pump’s poor condition, the City authorized its replacement.  Lotowater fitted the well with a new Grundfos 20 hp submersible pump.   

After the pump was installed with the newly fabricated well head, the equipment was tested to confirm satisfactory operation.  Pump installation test records including important pump and motor specifications and operational details were provided to the client, along with a full report detailing the new well upgrades and the results of the both pre- and post-rehabilitation testing.