Various City of Stratford Municipal Supply Wells

City of Stratford
Joe Salter, Manager of Water Treatment and Distribution City of Stratford Phone: 519-271-0250, ext 315
Well Rehabilitation and Lineshaft Pump Service

Lotowater has carried out numerous projects for the City of Stratford.  The following describes the variety of work undertaken by Lotowater over the past few years: 


Romeo Street Well Field
This field consists of four wells drilled more than 75 years ago.  After completing pumping videos, geophysical logging and discrete zone sampling of each well, it was determined that the well casings had deteriorated significantly.  Rather than drilling new wells, Lotowater installed new liners and rehabilitated each of the existing wells, saving the City of Stratford millions of dollars by eliminating the requirement for changes to the existing water supply infrastructure and the costs of obtaining new MOE approvals. 


Mornington Well Rehabilitation
In 2004 & 2009, Lotowater carried out testing of the Mornington Well, comprising testing of the existing pump and motor and removal of the vertical line shaft pump followed by geophysical logging and a video inspection to identify the major water producing zones.  Depth discrete sampling revealed that the lower section of the well produced poorer quality water.  Based on these results, the well was rehabilitated and a new liner was installed to seal the section of poor quality water.  The well was put back into service following the installation of a new vertical lineshaft pump. 

Dunn Road
This work program included the removal of the existing vertical lineshaft pump, geophysical logging of the well, variable performance testing, identification of the major well producing intervals and depth discrete water quality sampling.  This was followed by the rehabilitation of the well and the installation of a liner and a new vertical lineshaft pump.  


Mornington High Lift Pump
The Mornington Crane Deming High Lift pump was removed by Lotowater’s pump crew.  A thorough inspection of the pump conducted at our Paris, Ontario shop indicated that the cast iron metal of the pump bowls was “softer” than normal.  Testing revealed a Brinell hardness of 103 compared to the Crane Deming recommended level of 179 to 220.  These conditions suggested that deterioration of the pump bowls was occurring and, as a preventative maintenance service, Lotowater replaced the pump.