Well Performance Testing

Performance testing are essential in keeping a well running properly. Frequent inspection and testing allows for early detection of problems and easier repair.

Lotowater employs the highest quality equipment for video inspections, upgrading as new technology becomes available. Lotowater’s skilled technicians can use the camera’s downhole and 360˚ side scan capabilities in order to:
  • Document basic well construction details
  • Visually examine screen and borehole conditions
  • Identify water producing zones

Basic Performance Testing

Initial well performance testing is typically performed prior to initiating any rehabilitation efforts. Wells are step tested at the same rates and durations as previously conducted performance tests for comparison and evaluation purposes. Water levels are measured and compared to historical data. This acts as an accuracy test of client owned equipment. In addition, measurements of sand content, motor current and motor winding condition are taken.

Flow Profiling

Flow profiling determines the water producing zones in a well. It is very useful in diagnosing water flow problems, and is essential to perform before any rehabilitation efforts are undertaken.

Extended Duration Pumping Tests

EDPT’s are the most comprehensive method of testing well performance. Lotowater has the equipment and expertise to set up and operate high capacity, extended duration concurrent pumping tests on multiple wells.
A unique pumping test is engineered and planned for each individual project. We offer everything from on-site power generation, to long distance discharge set-up, and even temporary walkway construction to minimize disruption.
Extended duration pumping tests w. temporary walkway

Click here to learn more about well performance testing.Lotowater's role in the Walkerton Crisis

Lotowater played a major role in the well integrity testing and source water evaluation that took place following the Walkerton tragedy in May 2000."Lotowater Technical is just in a different league. They are innovative with solutions that really work. In fact, they have saved this city literally hundreds of thousands by saving some of our wells that other companies had given up on."