Well Rehabilitation

Well performance loss is an unavoidable occurrence. Common issues include:

  • Reduction in aquifer transmissivity
  • Precipitation of minerals
  • Biological growth
  • Formation movement

Our rehabilitation programs can often restore wells to as built conditions. They are designed on a case-by-case basis and include physical agitation with swabs and compressed air, or strong acid treatment. Lotowater also employs the Ener-Jet cleaning system.

The rehabilitation program begins with extensive testing, including flow profile logging. This helps to identify problems, choose the best method of remediation, and sets a basis for comparison upon rehab completion.

Every well we work on is a unique project and is treated as such. We take the time to write a detailed work plan which includes pre-testing results, rehabilitation recommendations, and a work schedule. The result is a program that is reliable, precise, and scientifically justifiable.

Through our unique rehabilitation programs we are able to rescue wells that would otherwise be abandoned, thus saving you time and money vs. new well construction.


Special Condition Rehabilitation

Bedrock Wells
Bedrock wells require extra precaution when undergoing rehabilitation. We typically install an inflatable packer to isolate the well casing, which allows for chemical rehabilitation and agitation.

Screened Wells

Screened wells are susceptible to damage from aggressive chemical and mechanical rehabilitation methods. Lotowater offers a variety of less aggressive rehab strategies such as mechanical surging, backwashing and stop/start pumping. As with all of our rehabilitation programs, we perform extensive testing immediately following cleaning. If these methods prove ineffective we can undertake Ener-Jet cleaning or acid treatment.

We work with clients to determine the best course of action, and keep you updated with detailed reports.