Well Rehabilitation & Pump Servicing, Various Wells

City of Guelph
Peter Busatto, Manager Water Works City of Guelph Phone: 519-837-5627
Well Rehabilitation and Service

University Well Pump

Lotowater Technical Services was contracted to supply and install a new pump (capacity 34.7 L/s at 64 meters TDH) in the University bedrock well.  Lotowater recommended and received approval to install flat jacketed submersible pump cable at this location.  A Lotowater designed and fabricated wellhead was installed and the well was disinfected and re-commissioned.  

Park Wells 1 and 2

Lotowater was the well contractor for the installation of deep well vertical turbine line shaft pumps at Park Wells 1 & 2.  An emergency water supply plan was developed by Lotowater and approved by the City of Guelph for implementation at times of extreme water demand.  

Paisley Well Liner Installation

Declining water levels at the Paisley well created a scenario whereby cascading water from above the static water level was introducing oxygen rich water into the lower aquifer, creating an iron bacteria rich environment and leading to rapid plugging of the well.  Testing completed by Lotowater involving the installation of a temporary liner in the well confirmed that a viable water supply was available from the lower aquifer.  The City of Guelph retained Lotowater to install a liner and rehabilitate the Paisley Well to eliminate the mixing of waters from the upper and lower water producing zones.  The well was returned to service following the installation of a new stainless steel pump.  

Carter Out Well

After removal for service, it was determined that the existing Carter well pump was severely worn and replacement was required.  Lotowater supplied and installed a new Crown 8L-600 3-stage 25 HP pump and motor.  A new wellhead, designed and fabricated by Lotowater, was also installed.    

Membro Well

Production problems at this location were investigated using in-well video and geophysical logging equipment.  Performance tests confirmed that production from this well had declined significantly.  Lotowater designed and installed a new liner and pump for the well to maximize water quality and quantity.

Helmar Well Pump

Severe vibrations occurred during start up of the Helmar Well pump.  A subsequent pumping video investigation by Lotowater revealed that the pump was sand locked and that the likely cause was that the pump was incorrectly sized for the well.  Lotowater supplied and installed an appropriately sized pump, thereby eliminating the problem.