Woodstock – Contracting Services for Five Wells

County of Oxford
Paul Eybergen, Manager Water Works 519-421-2203
Well Rehabilitation and Lineshaft Pump Service

This project was won though a competitive bid process and comprised the testing, rehabilitation and servicing of five wells equipped with lineshaft pumps in the Woodstock wellfield. The pump servicing included units up to 120 L/s and 150 hp in size. All wells were initially tested to determine baseline well and pump performance. Wells were then video logged and flow profiled to determine the condition of the well screen and casing as well as the distribution of the flow across the screened interval. This information was used to develop and implement specific rehabilitation programs designed to affectively rehabilitate each well as needed. Efforts were successful in restoring well performance.

Concurrent with the testing and rehabilitation program each pump was completely disassembled and inspected. This included inspection of all column pipe, couplings and shafting. A brief pump inspection report was prepared for each well documenting the condition of all equipment including measurements of all critical wear points with respect to manufacturer’s tolerances including recommendations for repairs. All wearing parts exceeding manufactures tolerances and or with excessive wear were either replaced or machined to meet original factory specifications. Each pump unit was carefully balanced, assembled and tested by our technicians at our shop in Paris, Ontario. All motors were professionally balanced after installation to maximize the longevity and reliability of each installation.

Modifications were made to several wellheads to improve sanitary protection and to bring the wells into compliance with applicable well regulations and industry standards.

As with all Lotowater projects, detailed reports including analysis of rehabilitation results, comparison of performance data to historical data, asconstructed drawings and detailed installation reports with all important pump installation details were included. All reports were submitted in PDF and hard copy format.

The project was completed on budget and within the time frame and schedule outlined by the client. The client was extremely satisfied with Lotowater and our performance on this project.